Midland Radio LXT600BX4 Business Bundle

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The LXT600BBX4 Business Radio Bundle is an affordable way to get your entire team in communication with the push of a button. The LXT600 FRS radios are license free and require no permit to own or operate, saving your business time and money. While small in size these radios provide plenty of power for clear transmission and reception for small to medium sized business spaces including restaurants, retail stores, boutiques, small warehouses and offices. The LXT600BB comes complete with 8 radios, 8 rechargeable battery packs, 4 dual-slot desktop chargers and 8 concealed headsets for customer friendly communication. The radios feature 36 Channels, Silent Operation, eVox for hands free operation and NOAA Weather Alert technology. 3-Year Warranty on the radios and 90-Day Warranty on the Headsets. License Free FRS Business Radio System.





8 LXT600 License Free FRS Radios



8 Concealed Headsets



Crisp, clear communication with easy button access



36 Channels - 22 Standard FRS Channels, compatible with other FRS Radios



Plus 14 Special Channels, preassigned privacy codes for convenience




NOAA Weather Alert with Scan Technology



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