Fox 40 Mini Fingergrip CMG

Fox 40 International

SKU: 9409-0008

The Fox 40 Mini CMG Fingergrip Whistle is a compact version of the Classic™ CMG® Fingergrip Whistle, with a smaller mouthpiece

The Cushioned Mouth Grip (CMG)’s thermoplastic material provides superior grip and protection for teeth

Produces a high-pitched, ultra-shrill tone

Fingergrip model has adjustable fingergrip that fits securely and comfortably over group of fingers

No moving parts to freeze, jam or deteriorate

Flawless, consistent and reliable

The harder you blow, the louder the sound

Easy to blow and cannot be overblown

Chambers are designed to self-clear when submerged in water

Will be heard above ambient noise, loud crowds, the roar of engines, breaking waves and thundering gale-force winds

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