NJSIAA Short Sleeve Umpire Shirt by Cliff Keen

Cliff Keen Athletic

$5.00 $49.00

This is the 2nd Generation of the NJSIAA Baseball and Softball shirts - in Short Sleeve, by Cliff Keen.  The look is exactly the same - so you'll match your partner.   It is available in both Navy and Black for NJSIAA Baseball and Powder Blue for NJSIAA Softball and just approved for baseball.

This shirt features a new, more durable, propietary material that still allows for dye sublimation - the process by which the NJSIAA Logo and the American Flag are dyed into the shirt - so NO patch sewing required.  Per NJSIAA Policy - the patches are no longer allowed.  

This shirt is APPROVED for use in the 2022 Baseball/Softball Season.

All Sales of these shirts are final.  No refunds or exchanges.




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