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The ULTIMATE-BELT is lightweight, comfortable, washable and multi-purpose, and easy-to-use. Perfect for anyone who wants to maintain a meticulous image. The ULTIMATE-BELT keeps your shirt neatly tucked into your pants. It is perfect for Sports Officials, Professionals, Military Personnel, Firefighters and Police Officers.



A professional appearance matters while you work. If your shirt is hanging out it's impossible to be taken seriously. The ULTIMATE-BELT was developed in 2002 by a career Sports Official, Vincent Evans. It is a proven product that helps Officials, and Professionals of every size and shape keep their shirts tucked in throughout the day.


The ULTIMATE-BELT was featured in Referee Magazine and is developed and manufactured in the United States. The ULTIMATE-BELT is sold in the United States. Europe and many other foreign countries.

How to wear it.


  1. Size the ULTIMATE-BELT by placing it over your shirt around your waist until it's well fitted.



  • Secure the ULTIMATE-BELT by connecting the Velcro ends and cut off the excess material to your desired length.



  1. Pull your pants over your shirt and the ULTIMATE-BELT to keep your shirt neatly tucked into your pants.
  2. Hand wash as needed and hang up to dry.
  3. DO NOT put in DRYER and DO NOT IRON

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