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Maintain a professional image with a shirt that's tucked-in all the time by using the ULTIMATE-BELT®.

The ULTIMATE-BELT® is lightweight, comfortable, washable and easy to use. The ULTIMATE-BELT keeps your shirt neatly tucked into your pants. This belt is perform for firefighters, law enforcement officers, military personnel, and anyone who wants to maintain a meticulous image required for their profession.

  • Hood and loop provide secure fit
  • Keeps your shirt tucked
  • Easy to clean
  • Ideal for firefighters, law enforcement officials, and military personnel who want to maintain a meticulous image required for their profession

How to use the ULTIMATE-BELT®

  • Size the ULTIMATE-BELT® by placing it around your waist until it is snug, then cut off the excess material
  • Put the ULTIMATE-BELT® over your shirt and secure it with the VELCRO® brand part of the belt
  • Pull your pants over the ULTIMATE-BELT® and wear it to keep your shirt meticulously tucked in
  • To clean the ULTIMATE-BELT® hand wash and hang dry.

*Please do not bleach or iron the ULTIMATE-BELT® and do not put the belt in the dryer

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