Cleanhands2 Refillable Sanitizer

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Welcome to the next generation of wearable personal sanitizers.

The Cleanhands Refillable Sanitizer 2 comfortably clips onto your belt, or directly onto your pants or shorts, or it can even be worn with a lanyard.  Its packaged with 2 Clipon Refillable Catridges each with 1100 sprays per cartridge for 2,200 Total Sprays with your purchase.  The Cleanhands2 is specially designed for use with a Cleanint Refill Solution Bottle (available for purchase separately) which features an applicatioin tip for refilling ease.

Cleanhands lightweight hipclip dispenser is a great alternative to having a bottle of sanitizer in your pocket or on your desk.  Size of the old flip phones at a fraction of the weight.

This unisex item is perfect for Sports Officials, Teachers, Nurses, Doctors, Students, EMT, and Law Enforcement Officers - anyone who needs a convenient and immediate way to disinfect their hands.

We currently stock Cleanhands 2 in black for our officiating friends, but also have available via dropship the Cleanhands 2 in red or blue (separate small shipping charge built into the price for the color variant).

Refill bottles are sold seperately.

Sanitzer is 75% Isopropyl Alcohol Antiseptic Topical Solution.  


Wearable - Portable - Lightweight


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