Lightweight Whistle Mask By ActionZebra

Action Zebra

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An innovative new mask designed and developed by a D1 Basketball Official .


ActionZebra Masks are Proudly Made in the USA and is US Veteran Owned.


These masks are Made in The USA and inventory is renewed constantly.  

The Lightweight Whistle Mask {LWM) is designed to minimize the possibility of infections, droplets, and aerosols being transferred from the wearers mouth and nose. The LWM is a non-medical reusable mask that covers your nose and mouth entirely with an adjustable nose clip to avoid lens fogging. It is constructed with one layer of premium cotton polyester blend and two layers of 100% cotton woven fabric. The LWM is provided with adjustable elastic ear loops to create a perfect fit and to keep the mask securely over the nose and mouth. Also, the mask is equipped with an affixed integrated waxed lanyard to attach a whistle inside the mask which will eliminate the need for the user to touch the whistle which is constantly in and out of the individuals mouth. The mask has an additional clearance in front of the lower nose area of the mask (whistle pocket) to stow the whistle after it has been blown and remove/pushed from the mouth. This capability allows for the official to function the whistle as normal with truly little change in normal operations. 


All Sports Officials is now able to offer the ActionZebra Lightweight Whistle Mask in an XL Model for those officials who don't quite fit into the "One Size Fits Most" model.  The XL Lightweight Whistle Mask is the same as the original model, just designed for those with faces just a little bit bigger than most. ActionZebra suggests the XL Size for those 6'1" or 6'2" or taller, or those with broad faces.



The USPS has been experiencing many delays in service due to high volume and staffing level issues.  What may usually be a 2-3 business day shipping time, may take longer.  All Sports Officials and Action Zebra do not have control over any possible delays that your package, once sent, may encounter.  If you need this mask within a specific time frame, we strongly encourage you to consider one of the shipping methods available via UPS.  Most (not all) of the USA east of the Mississippi River is a 2 day delivery time via UPS Ground (check out the shipping map on our Shipping Policy Page for more details).  While a little more costly, it will give you a better, more accurate time frame for item delivery, avoiding the many delays currently (Since November 2020) being experienced around the country via the USPS. 


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Features of the Lightweight Whistle Mask

  • - Non Medical breathable mask that covers the entire nose and mouth.
  • - Built in clearance in the front of the mask to allow the whistle to be removed from the mouth which allows the individual to talk while using the Lightweight Mask
  • - Equipped with built in Precision Timing Microphone Elastic Keepers. 
  • - Adjustable Ear Straps
  • - Washable 
  • - Whistle Not Included 



All Sports Officials and ActionZebra make NO claims that use of this mask prevents, guards, or otherwise guarantees against the transmission of Covid-19 or other viruses.  This mask is intended to assist in mitigation per the CDC Guidelines.  Please consult a physician for further information.

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