Midland LXT600BB Radio/Headset Box Bundle

Midland Radio

SKU: midland-lxt600bb-radio/headset-box-bundle

      LXT600BB Radio Features


         Pair of License Free FRS Radios

         1 Watt Transmit Power

         36 channels (22 Standard FRS plus 14 Special Channels)

         NOAA Weather Alert with Scan Technology

         Silent Operation, can turn all tones off

         Hi/Lo Power setting to save battery life

         eVox for hands free operation

         Dual Power Option, can also operate on AAA batteries

         Dual Slot Desktop Charger with AC Adapter

         Belt Clips

         Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries

         3 Year Warranty on the radios (90 days on accessories)


Surveillance Headset Features


·         Two Transparent behind the ear Microphones

·         Fits directly into the ear

·         Push To Talk Option

·         Vox Options

·         Works with All Midland GMRS/FRS Radios.

·         Great for the Security Industry, Hunting, and various activities


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