Speak Easy Push To Talk Headset

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Speak Easy Headset

This new headset was designed to fit the unique needs of officials on the field.  A large, yet discreet, push to talk button that mounts onto your belt makes speaking with your crewmates, easy, fast, and convenient.  Our headset even splits the microphone and acoustic tube cables to make wearing easier.   You will no longer have to fight a single wire from your chest to your ear.

 The push to talk button is sealed and IP 67 rated meaning it is resistant to dust and water. Made with 10 gauge wire to resist damage from tugging and utilizing the same components used in aircraft headsets you will feel the quality the first time you hold it.

FAQ: Will this work with my radio? We highly recommend using the headset with Motorola or Midland radios. 

When prototyping, the headset was tested with the Retevis brand radio. We found that the poor audio quality of the radio only becomes significantly more apparent when mixed with the quality of the headset and static noises are much more prevalent.  

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